Pressure Washing


After a while a building and its surroundings can look worse for wear as a result of moss, lichen and general dirt and grime. Yet it’s nothing a professional pressure washer and experienced operator cannot shift! You’ll be amazed at the results we achieve. It makes everything look not just cleaner but also so much brighter!

We clean block paving, slabs, decking, all types of outside walls (height no problem) and even roofs with pressurised water. It easily blasts away stubborn dirt but won’t damage the surface. It’s not always necessary to use chemicals so there’s no chance of harming any nearby plants.

Our pressure washers blast the water out far more powerfully than any domestic machine. Not only that – they also rotate the water jet at up to 2000 times per minute, so nothing gets in its way! However, where necessary the water pressure can be lowered. We’ll pressure wash anything, shop fronts, brickwork, fascias, conservatories and gutters – anything!

As an additional service, outside walls and paving can be sealed, this extends the time moss etc. can grow back. Sealing the surfaces makes them water-resistant thereby preventing damage caused by frost and other problems associated with water.


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