Floor Sanding and Sealing


Wooden Floor Restoration forms the backbone of our business as it’s our most popular service that accounts for over 60% of the work we do. It is no surprise that beautifully restored wooden floors are at the height of fashion and good taste. They give any property a clean natural timeless classic look. Whether your floor is parquet, mosaic or simply old pine floor boards we’ll make it the talking point of your room. Not only that but it will stay good looking for years as modern varnishes and lacquers keep them well protected and easy to maintain. Sanding and sealing a floor is often considerably cheaper than getting a new floor put down, yet it invariably looks far better!

The secret to a wonderfully restored wooden floor is an experienced contractor and the right choice of equipment. It’s not a job for the D.I.Y. enthusiast as inexperience inevitably leads to deep ugly scratches and grooves in the wood. The application of the sealant is also an acquired skill, as it’s essential to avoid streaks and overlaps. We sand the floors using commerical/industrial machinery with very efficient dust extraction. We use a large upright barrel sander, a medium sized disc sander and a small orbital sander (for the tight spots). Where necessary three different grades of abrasive paper (course, medium and fine) are used until the wood is completely free of any old finishes and beautifully smooth. The floor is then thoroughly vacuumed and cleaned. Three coats of tough floor sealant are then applied (the floor is given a light sand before the final coat). We use/recommend an acrylic water based quick drying varnish, it can be touch dry in as little as half an hour and can often be walked on within two, (however like all varnishes it takes longer than this to reach its full strength). The varnish doesn’t have a strong odour, yet it’s durable, hard wearing and won’t go yellow with time. Once thoroughly dry the floor will be extremely tough and virtually maintenance free as there will be no need to buff it. The floor can be cleaned with soapy wood cleaner and a damp cloth or mop……simple! The end result is a beautiful floor that’s much more attractive than a carpet and also far healthier as it’s not vulnerable to smells, stains and dust mites.

We also do repair work and colour/dye the floors if you are unhappy with the natural look. We believe our sealants/finishes are the best available, however should your opinion differ we don’t mind using alternative products.


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