Floor Cleaning

Sometimes we’re asked to do clean and repair small hallways on another occasions large factory floors. We have the equipment and know how to clean, strip, repair, polish, buff, wax and reseal virtually any type of flooring. So go on pull back your carpets, perhaps there is something beneath that we can make look beautiful!

Tiled Floors

We restore any type of tiling but are asked mostly to revive Terracotta, Quarry and Minton tiles. We use one or often a selection of cleaning/stripping solutions to rid the floor of its old polish and often years of ingrained grime. Once the floor has been given a deep clean and allowed to dry it’s sealed (if necessary) with a few coats of either polish or wax. The end result is a gorgeously clean looking floor with a deep rich lustre that will be admired by all.

Stone Floors

Flagstones, Limestone, Slate, Marble – whatever kind of stone floor you have it will have one thing in common with all the rest…. after a while it will start looking tired. Stone floors need reawakening from time to time or even bringing back to life! The type of stone and its surface determine how it’s cleaned. Acidic cleaners for example should not be used on a honed (highly polished) stone floor as they eat into it and so damage the surface. Once the floor has been thoroughly cleaned and/or stripped an impregnator can be added to help prevent stains appearing on porous surfaces. Finally if you wish the floor to have a little shine, then it is treated to some fresh coats of polish which creates the gorgeous lustre. The end result is a protected floor with a deep rich radiance that will be a feature in any property.

Vinyl Floors

Vinyl floors in order to look their best should be cleaned/stripped and then protected with a few layers of polish. Polish gives them not only protection but also a gorgeous rich shine. We rejuvenate all types of vinyl such as Amtico, Tarkett and Karndean. We restore the vinyl floors in shops, homes, hairdressers, dental and doctors’ surgeries in fact anywhere they need restoring. An unprotected vinyl floor will absorb dirt and grime, for this reason it should be protected from new before it’s first walked on. However, over a period of time the polish wears off and so periodically the floor needs cleaning/stripping and fresh coats reapplied. Where an old polish needs removing, a stripping chemical is applied to loosen the polish. It is then thoroughly scrubbed and the dirty water is taken up with a wet and dry vacuum. Once the floor is thoroughly clean and dry several coats of a tough floor polish are applied. The polish gives a long lasting shine that not only protects the floor but also enhances its appearance!

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