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Gleaming Cleaning was established by its proprietor Mark Hirst way back in 1991. In those early days he concentrated mainly on carpet and upholstery cleaning as well as pressure washing, hence the name ‘Gleaming Cleaning’. However, after a few years he expanded the business to include floor sanding and floor cleaning. He took on a few employees and hasn’t looked back since.

Mr. Hirst himself has trained everyone that works for Gleaming Cleaning and they are trustworthy, insured professionals using the best equipment available. Today we do both commercial and domestic work, the business is small enough to care, yet big enough to cope, our overheads are low but our standards are high. The business is honest but most importantly it cares. The floor sanding and cleaning service has proved very popular, especially with the owners of old Edwardian and Victorian properties. Admirers of period features should try peeling back their carpets as this often reveals hidden gems beneath – like old oak and pine flooring as well as Minton and Quarry tiles. Timeless features like these can be transformed to their former beauty, thereby giving the property a classic look that undoubtedly adds to its value. However a floor doesn’t have to be from another era to need restoring. We frequently rejuvenate modern marble, slate, limestone, terracotta and vinyl floors as well as contemporary Oak and Maple. Carpet cleaning has and undoubtedly always will be a very popular service. Life for a carpet can be pretty hard (well it’s not easy being walked over all day). Then there’s mess created by kids, pets and spillage. We love showing customers the dirt we get out of their carpets – you’ll be amazed or even a little disgusted by what’s in your carpet!

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